Wes Civilz


My Brain, the Earth

My brain is like the surface of the Earth. You
could say it’s all one thing, but it’s pretty varied.
Is the water the surface as well as the land?

It’s not just that I’m emotional—I’m emotional
terrain. I could be mapped. Maybe I appear to you
as a changeable and infinite landscape. Maybe you
traverse me with a backpack and and a canteen of water.

Maybe you are in the Space Shuttle peering down at me,
peering down at the whirling sphere, and then you see I
am round and beautiful, and realize that I am the ultimate
kid’s marble, the one every child wants to add to her
collection but can never find. This is getting complicated.

Necklace (1999)

She wears a necklace

with all nine planets

looped on a string

She realizes

God does likewise


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